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B4Lex advise on many areas of the law dedicated to companies, from Contract Law to tax planning, from Employment law to Real Estate operations.
Our clients are domestic companies as well as foreign companies: from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations.

B4Lex also assists individuals: our clients can rely on a team of professionals advising on family, inheritance and personal assets issues.

International Law

B4Lex assists clients in interpreting international regulations, agreements and conventions. Our clients will find a tailored assistance also in case of litigation before foreign or supranational jurisdictions.

Real Estate

From operation planning to the management of Real Estate Finance tools, B4Lex offers an integrated assistance in the real estate sector taking into account the relevant financial, banking, tax and litigation implications.

Commercial Law

B4Lex provides legal assistance to both Italian and foreign companies or individuals in order to find the best contractual synergies in drafting agreements or settle commercial disputes.

Criminal Law

B4Lex is at the service of companies and individuals: from mere tax consultancy and planning – in relation to national and international operations as well - to tax litigation.

Tax Law

B4Lex provides both judicial and extrajudicial advice in the field of tax law focusing on business taxation and Real Estate industry. B4Lex also advises individuals on inheritance taxation and tax planning.

Renewable energies

B4Lex has developed a specific experience in dealing with the rules and regulations related to the renewable energy sector. B4Lex assists companies in financing projects, within their relations with the competent authorities, during the negotiation of the agreements as well as in litigation.

Family law

B4Lex advises individuals on all aspects of a family breakdown and provides assistance in separation, divorce, children fostering, maintenance in coping with all legal consequences connected

Asset management

B4Lex provides advice on management, protection, division of family property and real estate assets. From preventive strategies to judicial assistance, from succession planning to the creation of trust funds, trusts and family agreements, passing through the administration of assets belonging to minors to the protection of vulnerable subjects.

Litigation and Arbitration

Thanks to our expertise in many practice areas and our long-established partnership with several foreign law firms, B4Lex is able to assist clients in national and multi-jurisdictional disputes. B4Lex provides assistance both in the judicial phase and in the pre-litigation phase, identifying from time to time the best strategies to achieve out-of-court solutions or gain a strong position in litigation.

Unfair competition

The knowledge, skills and legal experience allow B4Lex to best advise clients to protect themselves against acts of unfair competition, in particular against acts of confusing competition, commercial denigration, free-riding, ambush marketing, look-alike and all acts of professional misconduct.

Corporate Law

Extraordinary transactions, newcos, mergers and acquisitions.

Employment and Labor Law

B4Lex has developed a wide perspective in employment and labor law. B4Lex assists companies, labor unions, workers in drafting employment contract, interpretation of the legislative and regulatory system and litigation.

Administrative Law

B4Lex advises and provides judicial defense activities for public bodies and private companies in all sectors of administrative law: public contracts, public service concessions, project financing, urban planning and construction industry.

Credit Management

B4Lex assists clients in the implementation of the best credit recovery strategies, from the crisis to forced debt collection. B4Lex services cover both extrajudicial activities - such as the drafting of settlement agreements - and judicial recovery.

Inheritance Law

B4Lex advises on hereditary succession, donations, interpretation of testamentary provisions and related disputes.

Civil Liability

B4Lex advises on all aspects of civil liability and supports his clients in finding damage compensation. B4lex helps clients to cope with insurance claims.


B4Lex supports clients– both companies and individuals – on their banking position and helps them detect any anomalous or unlawful practices in their bank relationships: credit lines, current accounts, mortgages, leasing and more. B4Lex therefore offers assistance both in the pre-litigation phase with settlement agreements or in the litigation phase.

Sports Law

B4Lex provides legal advice and assistance to athletes, managers, sport clubs and sports federations. B4Lex assists clients before the sports justice bodies also advises on national and international transfers of professional sportsmen and assists sports companies in negotiating and drafting any kind of commercial agreements related to sports law, entertainment, leisure, games and betting.

Intellectual property, new technologies and advertising

B4Lex assists clients in all areas of intellectual property. It offers legal advice and protection for trademarks and design against counterfeiting and slavish imitation and for their commercial exploitation. Finds the most effective solution for the protection needs of patented and non-patented know-how, software and databases, also with regard to the best fiscal optimization relating to intellectual property (Patent Box). B4Lex draws up and negotiates development, licensing, transfer and exploitation contracts for proprietary technologies and for the supply of Information Technology and cloud computing services. In the field of copyright, B4Lex offers consultancy for the production, protection and commercial exploitation of artistic, audiovisual, musical, editorial and entertainment content online and offline, also, but not only, through the drafting of appropriate contracts, as well as assistance in the litigation phase. The activity also extends to the field of advertising by assisting customers in compliance with the rules on audiovisual media and publishing as well as in the field of sponsorships.

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