Practice areas

B4Lex assists its clients, both nationals and internationals, in Italy and abroad.
Among its clients, there are local companies and foreign companies: from small and medium firms to multinational corporations.
B4Lex offers a qualified expertise in areas related to the individuals’ sphere: family, inheritance and assets.

Practice areas


International Law

B4Lex assists clients in interpreting rules, agreements, conventions and regulations. Legal assistance is also provided within the judicial phase, whether before foreign or supranational courts.

Employment Law

B4Lex offers an all-comprehensive assistance in Employment Law. B4lex assists companies, corporate groups, trade unions and workers from contract drafting and the interpretation of the relevant legal system to litigation.

Tax Law

B4Lex offers its expertise to companies and individuals: from counsel and fiscal planning, regarding both domestic and international transactions, to fiscal litigation.

Criminal Tax Law

B4Lex provides counsel and legal assistance in Penal Tax Law. Our law firm assists both companies and individuals: from general and preventive advice to legal assistance before the relevant jurisdiction, in order to face any matters connected to fiscal offenses.

Corporate Law

Newco establishment, mergers, acquisitions and sell-offs.

Commercial Law

B4Lex provides legal assistance to both Italian and foreign companies, and individuals as well, in order to find the best contractual synergies in drafting agreements or dispute resolution.

Credit Management

B4Lex supports its clients in the search of the best insolvency management strategy, from the crisis to the forcible debt collection. Our lawyers’ advise covers both extrajudicial activity, e.g. out-of-court settlements, and the judicial debt collection.

Intellectual Property

B4Lex assists clients in managing competition within the Italian and the international markets and protecting their brands and patents.

Real Estate

From planning the Real Estate Finance’s tools management; B4Lex offers an integrated assistance in Real Estate along with considering the involvement of financial, banking, fiscal and contentious aspects.

Administrative Law

B4Lex lax firm provides counsel and legal assistance to public entities and private companies on administrative law: public tenders, public service concession, project financing, building regulation.

Renewable energies

B4Lex has developed a specific experience regarding rules and matters connected to the renewable energies industry. Our team advises companies on funding projects, relations with specific public bodies, contract drafting and dispute resolution.

Practice areas


Family Law

B4Lex advises individuals on all aspects of a family breakdown and provides assistance in separation, divorce, children fostering, maintenance and many more areas.

Inheritance Law

B4Lex advises clients on hereditament, donations, interpretation of testamentary provisions and relevant disputes.

Asset Management

B4Lex advises on Asset Management: securities, real property and family asset. From preventive strategies to legal assistance, inheritance planning, trusts and custody administration.